NEW FOR 2017 – ‘SmartFeeds’

Now with 'SmartFeeds' technology which will allow you to schedule, announcements or social media content to dynamically appear and disappear from the foot of your employee Email Signatures throughout the year, all from the control of your Admin Dashboard.
Passive marketing at it's best !
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February 2020


Click any of the logos below to see the animated transition.


CG Vocational Learning

CG Vocational Learning wanted to bring their logo alive for use in their e-Letterhead. The Job was great to work with as the logo already had a shiny lozenge effect applied to it which lent itself very well to the lighting effects applied in a 3D animated full rotation.

Budget: £165.00

ABS UK Limited

ABS UK had us create an e-Letterhead for them back in 2007. They recently moved over to our eSignature solution and decided to include the animation. As the eSignature has been created after 2010 it is fully responsive and renders perfectly on all mobiles Phones as well tablets.

Budget: £150.00


Brook Miller

Brook Miller commissioned this animation for use within their eStationery. The brief was to be a slow smooth 360 turn which creates a bigger file size but gives a great sense of quality to the overall effect. We rendered the logo to a solid smooth ‘pebble’ everyone involved was pleased with the final animation.

Budget: £185.00

Bexfield International

Bexfield International have a 200 year history in the manufacture of fine scissors. They approached us and asked how we could help with an animated logo within an e-letterhead. There was only one thing that was ever going to happen with this logo really. The animation as effective as it was was reasonably simple to construct.

Budget: £140.00


Avon Studios

Avon Studios has us recommended to them via another client. At first they wanted a 3D animation but it was decided that a 2D simple animation would be more effective with their single colour logo. A ‘cliche’ it might be but Less is definitely sometimes more.

Budget: £120.00

Clarydon Electronic Services

Clarydon Electronic Services wanted a 3D animation for use in their eSignature templates. The bright Green colour of the logo gave opportunity to create a colourful and cheerful eSignature design.

Budget: £185.00

AM World Limited

AM World provide a premium international courier service. Their image is extremely important so in an effort to improve the look a professionalism of their email correspondence commissioned us to produce them a 3D logo. The Black and red worked very well together.

Budget: £150.00

Abaca Systems Limited

Abaca systems was on the surface a simple job they needed the globe which their company name was on to rotate. The blue background had to be retained as it was to be integrated into a blue banner.

Budget: £160.00

First Colour

First Colour a busy London Printer with a great logo for animation went for a standard 3D rotation. We then integrated this into an eSignature design for all of their staff members to use.

Budget: £160.00

Cotels Serviced Apartments

Cotels wanted something to reinforce the brand within an eMarketing campaign that we were running for them. The campaign was being broadcast to an audience not familiar with the the brand and we advised that bringing animation to the logo would help train the eyes of the recipient of the marketing message onto it.

Budget: £160.00


Ashton Lake Solicitors

Ashton Lake Solicitors wanted an animation that would enhance their emails but also which could be used within other digital media primarily their website.

Budget: £160.00



Eagle Facilities Management wanted us to produce an Animation which could be incorporated into their eSignature design. They liked the ‘pat your head rub your tummy’ method of animation which is where we combine 2 dimensional rotation with 3 dimensional rotation and make sure that the full 360 degree cycle of both is synchronised. Both the Animation and the eSignature were a great success and the customer and ourselves are very proud of the result.


Budget: £185.00