An eMail Signature solution you can control.

‘SmartSignatures’ is an email signature platform which provides total control of all staff email signatures through a powerful yet simple to use, cloud-based web admin dashboard. Content can be updated and controlled by you from this single point of entry, and staff signatures can be dispatched to employees directly from the dashboard via email then providing them with universal installation options. Brand identity and consistency is dealt with from one central point and then distributed to your workforce removing the responsibility of email branding from them.




Our system has a built-in Email Signature editor or you could opt for a custom design by one of our in-house designers. Signature designs can be provided to us or be professionally designed by our team and then integrated into a dashboard for you. Once integrated any amount of staff signatures can be created and dispatched to their corresponding user in seconds. The user receives the dispatch via email and has an installation wizard capable of installing to virtually every device and environment. ‘Smart Signatures’ are universally compatible providing brand consistency across all devices including mobiles. The design also takes full advantage of social media and includes our very latest ‘SmartFeed’ feature.


Email Signature Marketing using SmartFeeds.

An Email signature provides a massive marketing opportunity. The space under your email signature is ‘digital real estate’ and to not leverage it is wasted opportunity. Our ‘Smart Feed’ feature allows you to control and update content on all the employees signature templates dynamically and without having to revisit each user’s installed email signatures. Announcements such as seasonal greetings or time-sensitive offers can be scheduled to appear and disappear on a certain date and time. A forthcoming exhibition might be something you wish to announce. The power to passively communicate certain information to your core audience is now at your fingertips.


‘SmartSignatures for email’ has evolved to become the very best solution for businesses around the world who need their users to have brand consistency in and out of the office while maintaining central control through a cloud-based management dashboard.

Problems with existing solutions

  • What you see and send is not necessarily what your recipient sees.
  • Lack of consistency across staff controlled email signatures.
  • A lack of control over content and policy.
  • A lack of installation ‘know how’ to multiple and or external devices.

Benefits of ‘Smart Signatures’

  • Designed and coded to provide universal reliability & brand consistency.
  • Roll out to any device and email client.
  • Dashboard control of ‘roll out’ and installation status.
  • Dashboard control of dynamic content.
  • Dashboard control of Staff details.
  • Cross platform and device compatibility.